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Wall Colmonoy Alloy Products U.S. is located in Los Lunas, New Mexico, 30 minutes south of Albuquerque. The facility manufactures Colmonoy® nickel-based hardfacing and Nicrobraz® nickel-based brazing products, Fusewelder™ Torch, Spraywelder™ System and NicroSpray™ System. Alloy Products supports many diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, glass container, oil & gas, waste-to-energy / biomass, rubber & plastic, food & agriculture, steel, and more.

Colmonoy® is an excellent defense against wear mechanisms such as abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high-temperatures encountered in service. Colmonoy® nickel chrome boron alloys are available as crushed, atomized, composite powders, wire sand castings in a full range of sizes and specifications. Colmonoy® is applied in a wide range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques, including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, and Spray & Fuse.


Colmonoy® Surfacing Alloys in powder, rod, wire, and casting forms.  

Nicrobraz® (nickel-based), Niferobraz™ (iron-based), and CuBraz™ (copper-based) brazing filler metals and brazing aids join parts for high-temperature and corrosion applications across automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, and defense industries. Nicrobraz® brazing alloys are available in powders, paste, transfer tape, rods, and sheets in a range of sizes and specifications to meet customer requirements.

Brazing Alloys - LP AP Los Lunas

Nicrobraz® Brazing Alloys in powder, tape, rod, and paste forms.  

From Los Lunas, products are shipped to customers around the globe including our own sister business units. That’s why, since our beginnings, we’ve called Alloy Products the heart of our business.


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