Increased Efficiencies and Significant Cost Savings for Military Aircraft

 F-16 Heat Exchangers


Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze overhauls and re-cores Primary/Secondary Heat Exchangers for F-16 Military Aircraft. Military aircraft include US Air Force (USAF) F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. In the 1990s, Wall Colmonoy developed the Overhaul / Re-Core process for the US Air Force (USAF) and is a USAF Approved Contractor.

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze’s brazing and manufacturing expertise has resulted in increased efficiencies and significant cost savings in maintaining and extending the life of critical F-16 operations for the USAF, MROs and other Foreign Military Services (FMS).

Building Cores is our Core

Capabilities include in-house manufacturing of all core details including fin material, high volume capacity for Inconel cores, and shelf stock inventory of ready-to-use replacement cores to support quick turnaround times for the Foreign Military Service Community. Overhaul / Re-Core pricing for FMS users available upon request.

  • High volume capacity for Inconel Cores
  • In-House manufacturing of all core details, including fin material
  • Overhaul / Re-Core IAW T.O. 15A4-85-3 and USAF Approved Re-Core Process
  • Pricing for FMS Users Available Upon Request
Description Part Number NSN
Primary / Secondary Heat Exchanger 764967-7 1660-01-331-0068
Primary / Secondary Heat Exchanger 764967-5 1660-01-046-0943
Regenerative Heat Exchanger 764962-2 1660-01-050-5847



Primary / Secondary Heat Exchanger | P/N 764967-7 | NSN 1660-01-331-0068 



Primary / Secondary Heat Exchanger | P/N 764967-5 | NSN 1660-01-046-0943

F-16 Regenerator HX (PN 764962-2)

Regenerative Heat Exchanger | P/N 764962-2 | NSN 1660-01-050-5847

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze specializes in the manufacture and overhaul of Fin & Plate and Tubular Type Heat Transfer Products for F-16 Stainless Steel / Inconel Heat Exchangers.

Assemblies manufactured and overhauled to meet stringent U.S. military requirements including operation under environmentally extreme conditions from -65 to 1650°F (-54 to 900°C) and complex non-military applications. Corrosion durable assemblies resist cracking and failure over long-term use.

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze’s process capabilities for heat transfer products include reverse engineering; in-house fin manufacturing; in-house metal stamping and forming; and in-house brazing and heat treating. 

Repair, Overhaul/Re-core, and Test

  • New Manufacture
  • Overhaul / Re-Core
  • Core Manufacture
  • Reverse Engineering

Pioneers and Today’s Leading Experts
Wall Colmonoy developed the very first heat exchanger overhaul procedure for the US Air Force. Prior to that in the 1950s, Wall Colmonoy invented Nicrobraz® nickel-based brazing filler metal and pioneered high temperature furnace brazing. Even today, Nicrobraz® is used extensively in heat exchanger manufacture and overhaul.

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze continues to develop its brazing and manufacturing expertise resulting in increased efficiencies, significant cost savings and performance improvements.


F-16 Military Aircraft – Stainless Heat Exchangers Brazed using Nicrobraz® 130


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